This Blog page is full of my latest work and articles that can help you planning your session. Have you booked yet ? You’ll find blog posts about all aspects of my photography business – head shots for amazing artists, small business owners and coaches, beautiful families on happy days out, beautiful women seeing just how gorgeous they really are, couples wanting to celebrate their time together. Have fun looking through them.


Sadly in early Autumn 2023 my previous site was badly hacked and the blog was victim to that. Sorry. I know it doesn’t look like there are many posts and you may be looking for an old post with favourite photos on it, maybe from one of your previous shoots. Please don’t worry the photos are all safe. As you can see I have been busy reinventing and recreating the site (wow a very very very steep learning curve) and I will go back and bring out favourite photos from past work as we move forward. Thank you for your patience.


If you have been a regular to my site you might notice there is a big category missing – weddings.

For more than 10 years the majority of my photography was documenting amazing wedding days, full of magic for some really wonderful couples. Recently I took the difficult decision to leave the joys and excitement of wedding photography behind. Those images are not on the main part of this new site, but if you are curious please use the button below.

To my wonderful Wedding Couples visiting the site – it is really good to see you, if you have any questions about your wedding photos. It would be amazing to catch up and to see how I can help.

MERCI POUR CES magnifiques photos,
nous sommes tellement heureux.


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