Lifestyle Family Photos in Annecy, Haute Savoie

Hello – welcome to the family lifestyle photography page ! I hope looking through these photos will inspire you to contact me and book your own family lifestyle session.

These are some of my very favourite photos of the wonderful families that I have worked with over the years. Most of the photos you can see here have been taken on location – a location that is special to the family themselves. It might be somewhere they go on days out, it might be their back garden, paddling in the lake, a favourite part of the old town or even an amazing mountain landscape … it is up to them and now you. Where will you choose ?

Family Lifestyle shoots are always fun and always different but following are examples of some of the results you might get from your shoot. Mad giggles, group hugs, picnics in the pastures, splashing on the lake side, cheeky grins, quieter tender moments. Bubbles are always a favourite then don’t forget dressing up clothes for the littler ones … and yes of course if you have a pet we can do our best to include them as an important member of your family.

Just below the portfolio you can find out all about how a lifestyle shoot works and what beautiful products are on offer.

C’est magnifique tu nous a trop gâté … tu peux pas savoir comme ça nous touche … les photos de notre petite famille sont tellement magnifiques…  nous sommes très émus. Un immense merci. S&V

The following portfolio will show you examples of real family photography, there are no carefully staged photos. You might be thinking that you aren’t that comfortable in front of the camera well believe it or not, most of the parents here started the whole process by telling me how “unphotogenic” they are and how we should just concentrate on the children. (The kids never seem to mind about the camera). I promise we will ease into it gently and by the the time we really get underway you will have forgotten about the camera and just be enjoying the precious time as a family.

You might even recognise some of the faces with the kids getting older and that really is the greatest compliment ever. I have been fortunate enough to photograph some of these families for several years now. In fact some of the parents you might even see in the Couples or Weddings pages.


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To keep things really simple and straightforward the price for a Lifestyle Session is broken down into two parts.

Part One is the Lifestyle session fee, which covers the shoot itself. Next Part Two covers the different products available to present your beautiful memories – albums, frames, portfolio box. That way you are free to buy what you love. Simple.

Contact me and together we will work to plan your dream lifestyle session. I’ll send you information and send you a beautiful PDF with advice about what to wear, what times work best light wise, toys etc. There will also be info about what happens before, during and after the shoot. There’s lot more information about the products and the prices.

Then we’ll set up a skype meeting so you can tell me what you have planned and see what we can make happen. You can “meet” me to see if we ‘fit’ and you’d like me to photograph your family, and of course go through any questions you may have.

Oh la la quelle surprise, que du bonheur ! c’est magnifique ce que tu nous as fait – on est plus que content du résultat !!!! Les photos sont magnifiques comme toujours et tu as l’oeil pour nous prendre au bon moment ! Merci de tout coeur .  C&Y


This fee covers :

  • the gorgeous PDFs full of ideas and tips that you will receive from me.
  • the meeting to discuss and organise your session.
  • the duration of the photo shoot itself, approximately 2 hours.
  • the culling and editing of the photos.
  • a selection of 50-60 images to choose from in the on-line gallery.
  • location of your choice within 30 km of Rumilly (74150, France), travel expenses charged for greater distances.

Note : Digital Images and final products are NOT included in the session fee and need to be purchased separately. 


The second part is entirely up to you because you only buy what you love, simple as that.

After the photoshoot you will have access to a beautiful online gallery so you can make your choices.  It is my job is to supply you with a gorgeous selection of images, BUT remember there is no pressure from me because you aren’t contracted into buying an album, or a frame or anything at all. You could choose to have a single large framed image, or maybe a portfolio box of ten gorgeous mounted photos, or why not a stunning album of 60 images to treasure forever …. or if you don’t like any of the final photos (I really hope that isn’t the case) you can just walk away.

There are lots of different ways to present your favourite images from your lifestyle session shoot. The most popular product is a stunning album printed on layflat photographic paper. But perhaps you would prefer framed images or a image folio box with 10 mounted photos to display around your home. Most of my clients allow for between 900-2500€ for a collection of their favourite images to treasure and display.

Remember you buy what you love and there is no minimum spend or package – it’s simple you choose the images you like and the format you would like them in from the wide range of products available.

Along with the printed product you will receive the high resolution digital (jpeg) version of every image ordered.

I work with fabulous suppliers, all of them specialists in their fields.  This means that your photographs are shown off to their very best whether it be in a gorgeous portrait album, a stylish portfolio box or contemporary frames. Have a look at the photos below to see each style of product in detail. I’m sure you will love them.


These beautiful lay flat albums are perhaps THE perfect way to keep your precious memories of a wonderful moment with your family.  Printed by professionals and hand bound by skilled bookmakers these albums provide a fabulous finished product that you will treasure for years to come. 

Finished off with a matt cover featuring your favourite photo from the session the albums are A4 format (approx 30x21cm).  They are printed on satin finish photographic paper which has a cardboard base to make the pages thick and resistant. If you are looking for a present idea smaller versions which are perfect as a gift for grandparents, are available as an extra with a main album.

Remember that every image in the album is also supplied as a high resolution digital file for you to keep.


If you want an extra special album to show your images off in you can’t do better than one of these fabulous Queensberry portrait albums.  Originally only part of my luxury wedding collection they are now included for clients who want the next volume in their family photos to match up with their wedding memories.

These magnificent albums are created with love by highly skilled professional bookmakers in New Zealand. The albums are printed on thick lay flat pages of satin finish photographic paper and leather, linen or silk bound in a 10x14inch format (approx 35x25cm).  This is an album which you can keep forever and a day.

Remember that every image in the album is also supplied as a high resolution digital file for you to keep.


Not quite sure if you want a beautiful album or stylish wall art ? Here is a gorgeous solution for you – The Image Portfolio Box. It allows you to keep the prints together in one place or display them individually around your home, changing your display as the mood takes you.  This simply beautiful image portfolio box contains 10 of your favourite photos printed on lustre paper. The 10”x8” prints are presented in classic white or black bevel cut mounts.  Additional mounts are available.

Remember that every image in the portfolio box is also supplied as a high resolution digital file for you to keep.


There are a huge range of frames available for your walls – different styles, colours and sizes so whether your home is a sleek modern loft or a cosy little country cottage there will be something to suit you.

All the frames are made from premium quality sustainable timber and the mounts are precision cut. The prints are supplied on photographic lustre finish paper that has a slightly stippled surface to give it texture. Protected behind ultra-clear anti-reflective acrylic the frames are both lighter and safer than more traditional fragile glass options.

Remember that every image in a frame is also supplied as a high resolution digital file for you to keep.


Fantastic news, I look forward to hearing from you. Email me and we can arrange a meeting soon, either face to face or via Facetime or Skype whatever suits you best. We can go through any questions you may have, I’m sure you have loads.


Contact me about your wedding day.


Contact me here, ask me whatever you want and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I’ll also send you the Family Lifestyle PDF absolutely full of information and ideas. If you are still curious use the links below to go to family posts from the blog.

Here are some reviews from families I’ve worked with over the years.


PS : To be honest, like most people I am waaaaaay happier behind the camera than in front of it where I’m all self conscious and shy and downright uncomfortable. So if you are sitting there thinking “hmmmmm I’m still not sure about a photo shoot Gill, I hate having my photo taken”, believe me I feel your pain, I know that feeling !  I promise I will make it as easy and fun as possible !

One thing I only realised a few years ago is that the photos aren’t really for me at all (I don’t ever have to open the photo album, ever, ever, EVER) but they are for my family. Preparing our family photo album one year I realised that there were no photos in it of me with my family before May, then August (my birthday) and December (Crimbo!). I was the ghostly photo taker with, until then, only fleeting appearances in front of the lens.  Selfies and a deep breath and a hopefully not too forced smile when people point a camera at me has hopefully put that right.

So promise yourself whether you choose to book a photo session with me, or not, to please make sure you exist in photos.  This brilliantly funny short video by Chatbooks (a US album maker) puts it perfectly.  I reckon it is, if you are older than 20, true for all of us not just for Mums. Enjoy !

Send me a mail  and together we can make a start on creating your lifestyle shoot.