We all know that memories are very, very precious. You don’t need an excuse to have photos of the two of you together having fun. Maybe you would like to celebrate an anniversary with a photo shoot, or a fancy occasion or why not just because you want to? Just go for it – let’s set up a photo shoot so that you can have a trace of this happy time in your life for forever.

Where do you want to go ? It might be a favourite place, maybe near home, or out on a boat on the lake, or a stunning mountain pasture, possibly part of the medieval old town … it’s up to you – where shall we go ?

We absolutely love the photos, they are so so good! Thank you so much! ♥

Couple sessions can be as relaxed or as formal as you both want – you can turn up in jeans and favourite t-shirts or a stunning dress and a sharp suit, your smiles will be just as gorgeous either way. In fact here’s an idea – why not bring along a change of clothes and have two different styles from the same session ?

Here are some photos of some of the fabulous couples I have photographed – I hope looking these photos will inspire you to contact me and book your session. Just below the portfolio you can find out all about how to organise and book a shoot and all the beautiful products which are on offer.


these are all examples of gorgeous real couples, there are no carefully staged photos with paid models. In other words these photos could be you ! You may be thinking that you aren’t that comfortable in front of the camera, well believe it or not most of the people here started the whole process by telling me just how very “un-photogenic” they are. And then saying how they really aren’t comfortable in front of a camera. I promise we will ease into it gently and you will soon forget about the black box and just be enjoying your time together. Trust me it’s my superpower.

Across the different pages of this site you might even recognise some of these gorgeous happy faces. I have been fortunate enough to photograph some of these couples for several years now. I maybe photographed them at a friend’s wedding, then on their engagement shoot, then at their own wedding day and afterwards starting a family… And that really is the greatest compliment ever.

GILL listenED carefully to our needs AND made us feel at ease and TOOK breathtaking pictures.



As soon as you have reserved your session I will send you a great PDF full of tips and advice about getting ready for your session. Ideas on what time works best, what to bring, what to wear ? Everything you need to help you relax and have fun during the session so we capture real moments of fun!!!

We’ll set up a Zoom or Skype meeting so you can “meet” me before the day and ask any questions you may have.

couple dressed in balck against brightly coloured wall, girl looking at guy
couple kissing romantically on old fashioned merry go round in annecy


Fantastic news – I can’t wait to meet you both. Use this form to tell me what you have planned and we will get organising your photo session!

blonde haired couple smiling and riding on old fashioned merry go round


To keep things really simple and straightforward the price for Couple sessions is broken down into two parts.

PART ONE is the Session Fee – 195€.

This covers the gorgeous advice PDF I will send you, the meeting to discuss and organise your session, the approx 90 minute photo session itself, the selection and editing of photos, a choice of 50-60 images in an online password protected gallery, travel to the location of your choice within 30km (74150 France). (NOTE : digital images are NOT included in the session and are purchased separately)

couple kissing in sunlit field, holding multicoloured helium balloons

LES Photos sont Vraiment Magnifiques. Tu réussis à prendre des photos où l’on ressent l’emotion du moment !

C&P ♥♥♥

PART TWO is entirely up to you because you only buy what you love, it’s as simple as that.

After the photo shoot you will have access to a beautiful online gallery so that you can make your choices. It is my job to supply you with a fabulous selection of images, BUT remember there is no pressure because you aren’t contracted into buying an album or a frame or anything at all. You could choose to have one single large framed photo, or maybe a stunning lay flat album printed on high quality photographic paper of 20, 40 or even 60 memories to treasure forever… Or if you really don’t like any of them, (I really hope that doesn’t happen), you can just walk away.

Portfolio boxes start 495€, albums at 595€ and frames at 265€ – see some examples above.



Wow ! The photos are just absolutely gorgeous … you really managed to capture our little magic moments together.


Time flew as we were in such good company. We very much enjoyed your energy and how you help us to feel comfortable in front of the camera. The photos you took are beautiful..


Nous te remercions pour ces photos – elles sont geniales ! Nous avons apprecié passer l’apres midi avec toi – tu as su nous mettre à l’aise devant l’objectif et ca se ressent sur les photos ! 🙂