Hello – I’m sure you must have a million and one questions for me, fingers crossed I can answer some of them here straight away. But if you have others, or just fancy chatting to me about a future photo session, please use the contact form below to drop me a quick mail. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Call me or email me and tell me all about what you have in mind, how YOU imagine your shoot. Where you want it, what you want, when you want. Then we can chat through the different options to see what is possible (shoot in a car breakers yard you say ? – very possible all we need is to get permission as we did for a rather fabulous couple shoot.) We will talk about locations, chat about things you might want to bring along or what to wear.

A photo session usually lasts 90 minutes which means everyone has time to feel relaxed and happy in front of the camera. You will ask yourself why you haven’t done it before.

Yes, yes, yes !!!! I have created a wonderful series of PDFs full of photos that will give you all sorts of tips and advice from real life experience.

I will send you the PDF as soon as I have received your contract and deposit.

Photo shoots usually last around 90 minutes, but its not set in stone.

100% yes – my job and my super power is to make you feel completely at ease in front of the camera, you will almost forget about it ! That means you get beautiful photos of you just being you – relaxed, happy, laughing – that is very important to me.

To be honest 90%+ of the people I have photographed on this site have started by telling me how unphotogenic they are, seriously. Have a look through the site I hope that will reassure you that there is no such thing as unphotogenic – promise !

The session will be fun, entertaining and it will fly by. You will love the results – promise I will find the sparkle that is you. Who knows you might even get addicted to being photographed.

I don’t use an assistant I prefer to photograph on my own for two main reasons. First, because I feel it’s easier for you to feel at ease and get to know and trust just one person. Secondly because I can keep track of exactly which shots I have taken.

Just so you know all my cameras have double card slots so that the photos are recorded onto two different places. That means that there is a back up of the session if one card fails (extremely extremely really really rare !!!)

I do – I love a really strong contrasty black & whites. I know the site is mainly colour, I confess I’m a bit of a ‘colour’holic’, but we can definitely show off your gorgeousness in black and white too !

That’s fantastic news, I’m thrilled you want me to photograph you – thank you ! First of all give me a call or send me a mail and we’ll arrange a meeting (zoom, Skype, …). You can tell me all about your plans and we can find a date. Then if you are happy to go ahead I’ll explain the reservation process to you. Please note that until the reservation fee is paid the date is NOT confirmed or reserved.

Good question !! I start by editing the colour balance and exposure on all the photos we take. I might crop them too, so that they are shown off to their best. For YOU – well I promise I won’t change your physical appearance, so please don’t worry about being photoshopped into a plastic skinned stranger.

As a rough guide if it wouldn’t be there in a week I’ll edit it for you – that stress spot will disappear as if by magic, the accidental coffee stain on that beautiful white shirt? Gone ! If there is something else you are worried about let me know and I’ll see what I can do. There may be an additional charge, but please ask.

Yes yes yes !!!! For me my job as a photographer isn’t finished until you have a (or hopefully several) gorgeous professionally printed images in your hands. A stylish frame, an album full of magical happy photos, … I work with some AMAZING professionals.

Why ? well to be honest I have a gazillion (I’m not exaggerating that much !) photos from family holidays, or days out with friends, hidden on memory cards, external hard drives, USB sticks (and yes I am that old … CDs and other impossible to access formats!). I used to be the only one that got to see them – lol, no-one is allowed to touch my work computer.

A few years ago I started to print family photo albums – one per year. It is a source of treasure and of pleasure. I love it when my daughters show those books to friends. They are also really useful to check back on where we went on holiday in 2018, who came to stay in May 2022. Nothing beats flipping through a book full of memories – it’s like time travel.

… AND printed products are technology proof and power cut proof !!!!

Yes definitely – I am English but I have been based in France for a very long time! I speak French fluently and I can write it too, but I freely admit that I prefer writing in English. (French grammar is so complicated I’m always forgetting ‘e’s or ‘é’s !).

Contact me in either language – pas de soucis!

Lucky me – I’m based in France near the beautiful town of Annecy, about 45 mins south of Geneva. (Have a quick look here on the about page to see just how stunning it is !). I photograph all over the region from Lyon to Lausanne and even further field so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Different places are special to different people, choose somewhere that is meaningful to you. Relaxed and at ease in one of your happiest places will mean your photos from our session together will be totally you.

Contact me for details about travel expenses.

Sure ! I’m always ready to travel to another country for a new photo shoot. I have dual nationality English/French so I can work all over Europe. Contact me for details about travel expenses.

I work in France, Switzerland and sometimes the UK (which is brilliant and varied and I love it), but it does get a bit complicated. To keep things simple all my prices are in Euros.

No problem – use the contact button and get in touch, I’m happy to help.

Ready to HAVE FUN ?

Fantastic news – I can’t wait to meet you all. Use this form to tell me all about what you are thinking of and we can plan your very own photo session!