Vanessa Renoux – The Sculptor Extraordinaire

Let me take you behind the scenes of a brilliant head shot session I had recently with the amazing Vanessa Renoux, and her stunning papier mache sculptures.

Vanessa and I go way back, and when she contacted me because she needed photos for a magazine editorial I knew it was going to be fun. Why? Because it was all about Vanessa—her sculptures, her story, and her infectious laughter.

We started by getting Vanessa just doing her thing—some smiley headshots, a few shots of her getting hands-on with her art, and of course, moments of pure joy. You know, the kind of stuff that puts a smile on your face just by looking at it – just look at her laughing as she throws the paper strips in the air. We also made sure to take close up photos of her statues to show off her skill.

The best part? It wasn’t about fancy lighting or stiff poses. I took the photos as she chatted about her work and showed me what she did. It was about capturing Vanessa in her element, relaxed, creating, and just being herself.

Gill sait sublimer les couleurs et les gens.

One of my favourite photos is a simple setup showing the different stages of her work with three circles – in the foreground a finished piece with a couple sitting on a swing, then the statue she was working on, and the last circle is formed by Vanessa’s arms – simple but effective, showing all the stages of her work.

Vanessa’s session wasn’t just about pretty pictures. It revamped her website and promo materials, sure, but more than that, it was about bringing out her real, beautiful self. And guess what? That’s what I want for you too. Whether you’re in a studio sculpting or in a bustling office making magic, every space has its story. I’m just here to photograph the real totally awesome YOU.


GILL a su me mettre en confiance lors de la séance, afin d’obtenir la meilleure photo, celle qui sait refléter ma personnalité et présenter mon travail avec originalité et couleurs vibrantes.

Vanessa Renoux – Sculptor

Artist Details

Vanessa Renoux

Eco-responsable Artist, Painter, Sculptor / @vanessarenoux

Vanessa’s creations are on show in her gorgeous boutique/workshop, ‘The Gallery of Curiosities’, based in the medieval village of Alby-sur-Cheran, (between Annecy and Aix les Bains in Haute Savoie). Along with amazing sculptures in papier mache or in ceramic; she paints fabulous watercolours, creates jewellry, illustrates books,… Well worth a visit !


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