Headshot session with Morag Stevenson – Positive Actions Today

I was so happy when Morag Stevenson from Positive Actions Today contacted me about a head shot session. She wanted relaxed approachable shots to use across her social media presence.

Morag is a brilliant certified hypnotherapist and coach who works in French and in English with clients from all over the world. Specialising in BFRB’s (Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviours,) in particular Trichotillomania (hair-pulling) and Dermotillomania (skin-picking) she needed photos that showed her natural relaxed friendly personality.

The relaxed head shot session took place in her offices on a very rainy late November day, but you’d never guess that from these natural light portraits. We had a look at the clothes choices she had prepared – chose 4 outfits which allowed her to have a wide range of photos and styles to choose from. Then we put on the music (got to admit it was a fabulous 80s selection – oh the memories !), and we got started. Whilst I photographed her Morag told me about the work she is involved in and her plans for building her successful practice.


You just need to look at Gill’s photos to see that she has a real talent for capturing the natural, relaxed you. She captures your essence. Having photos taken could be quite a tense experience as you think about what to wear, whether you look ‘right’, how fat or thin or old or whatever you think you look like. Gill cuts right through that. You put some music on and Gill guides you gently and with such evident joy to get you at your most natural. I would say that she can see the YOU that you can’t see.

Her energy is contagious! She has her technical know-how at her fingertips, and this shines through in the final results. The shots are astounding! Not only that, you remember the fun time you had whilst doing it. I would wholeheartedly recommend Gill not only for her beautiful photos but also for the almost cathartic positive self-image journey she takes you on.”

I would say that she can see the YOU that you can’t see.

During the session there were no stiff poses or or forced ‘smile’ smiles – just Morag being her wonderful authentic warm self. A mix of serious and not-so-serious shots, some laughing and singing ones too – I can’t wait to see where she uses those on her site ! Wherever she uses them they will allow her to connect with her audience and future clients to catch a genuine glimpse into who she is and how she works. They can see that they will be in safe hands.

How did we get these photos ? We created an atmosphere that allowed her to shine. I moved furniture around so that we got the best of the available light, no harsh studio lights. The music, her fave songs, made everything more relaxed. The changes of clothes and backgrounds brought variety. Chatting about her skills took the attention away from the camera. It’s as simple as that!



(maybe even my super power if that doesn’t sound too big-headed), is to make you feel relaxed enough to just be YOU, and I’ll take the photos that show exactly that. I did it for Morag and I can do it for you too, promise. Contact me to discuss your future head shot session and for more inspiration check out this page.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Gill not only for her beautiful photos but also for the almost cathartic positive self-image journey she takes you on.

Morag Stevenson
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Morag Stevenson – Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy & Coaching


Morag is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach. Fully qualified and experienced, she offers online and face-to-face sessions in English and French to clients from around the world. Providing the tools that can give you the skills and coping strategies to overcome limiting mindsets and challenges. She specialises in helping overcome BFRB’s (Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviours,) in particular Trichotillomania (hair-pulling) and Dermotillomania (skin-picking). 


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