Summer fun family lifestyle session by Lake Geneva

Our families are so special to us, so full of fun and cherished moments. Time is precious and I don’t know about you but it just seems to speed up and whizz by – the precious moments become treasured memories. What better way to keep hold of these moments than through a family photoshoot? Beyond just creating beautiful portraits, a photoshoot offers an opportunity to freeze moments and create a lasting trace of happy days.

This amazing family are very special to me – I’ve been photographing them since the girls were tiny. They have a gorgeous series of images and albums showing the different ages of their gorgeous family.

Meeting up for our fourth family shoot together felt like meeting up with old friends, every time brings new stories and fun. This time we met up in a beautiful park in Lausanne, on the shores of Lake Geneva, which provided us with a fab range of backgrounds – the wildflower meadows, the lake shore itself, the willow trees. Laughter echoed around as the girls ran through the field with their lovely mum and dad, huge smiles on their faces. Pure joy and mischief as they splashed around in the lake (yes, it was a hot morning, and yes it was definitely at the end of the session !)

We love the photos!!!!! They’re absolutely brilliant! Thank you!!.

What really stole the show were the cuddles, laughter, hugs galore, and shared affection throughout the session, making every click a frame filled with genuine warmth and connection. The series of images we got from our time together preserve the shared happiness that define this beautiful family.

As a photographer, my goal isn’t just to take pictures; it’s to capture the essence of your family’s unique story. From the mad giggles to the quiet shared glances, tickles to hugs, my lens becomes a storyteller, immortalizing the connections and emotions. With a relaxed atmosphere, I aim to create a ‘photographic’ space where your family’s authenticity shines through – whether that’s cuddling up together, or splashing in the lake…


WE have thoroughly enjoyed going through all our wonderful photos!! We LOVE them, and have favourited an absolute ton!.



  • Where are the happy places that hold special memories for your family?
  • How can we capture your fabulous family bonds in the photos?
  • Any particular style you’re going for? relaxed splashing about or more formal ?
  • Want to bring a pet or props or special outfits ?
  • What story to do you want to tell? Sharing a hobby, a milestone, or simply the joy of being together?


Brilliant news – I cannot wait to meet you all and get planning your photo session. Fill in the form and we’ll start organising …