Welcome to a page of fabulousness – this is a page all about FABULOUS YOU! Yes YOU !

Be honest when was the last time you had your photograph taken professionally ? How about a magazine style photo session ? If you are anything like me you are usually in charge of the camera – translation : safely hiding behind it. Apart from the occasional selfie, or snap from a wonderful holiday, or shot from a classic evening out with friends do you have many photos to remind just how gorgeous you really are? All these stunning women treated themselves to a photo session to feel utterly amazing. Now they have the photographic proof of their gorgeousness to keep for forever.

Just finished looking at them! You are such a great photographer Gill! I’m totally in love with them! Thank you again for all – you are fantastic!

This portfolio page contains a selection of my favourite images of some of the wonderful women that I worked with over the years. This is important – only ONE of these women is a pro model – can you work out which one ? They are from all walks of life – a nurse, a student, a photographer, a marketing exec. All fabulous, all you ! Before you say “oh well I could never look like that“, think again. You could and YOU DO …

Below the portfolio you can find out all about how to organise and book a shoot and all the beautiful products which are on offer.

Remember that …

My job is to show you what we all see when we look at you – gorgeousness. Absolutely none of the above shots were taken with blinding front flash when celebrating at a riotous birthday party in a dark restaurant. Neither were they taken after a glorious day toasting in full sun on the beach. These are all about YOU !

We will use the right light, beautiful poses and an excellent soundtrack. (Seriously music matters – remember to tell me what you like !). I will make sure that you really enjoy the experience and more importantly have fun – I want those smiles! All that means that you will be relaxed and happy.

Trust me it’s my superpower – let me remind you just how gorgeous you are and bring out that inner goddess.
you know she’s there!

UN GRAND MERCI A TOI. Tu es, à ta façon, une magicienne.

A ♥♥♥


As soon as you have reserved your session I will send you a great PDF full of tips and advice about getting ready for your session. Ideas on what to bring, what to wear, what sort of make up etc. You will feel so gorgeous that it will be a good idea to plan a brilliant night out for afterwards, because you will be feeling FABULOUS !!!

We’ll set up a Skype or Zoom meeting so you can “meet” me before the day, (or even better a coffee and delicious patisserie in Annecy?), and you ask any (all the) questions you have.

Ready to be the star?

Fantastic news – I can’t wait to meet you. Use this form to tell me about what you are dreaming of and we will get planning your dream session!


A few minutes for you to get used to being the star of the show and woohoo we’re off. We’ll laugh, have fun, you’ll pose, spin, sparkle and forget about everything apart from having fun and ‘playing the princess’ in a sparkly dress – awesome.

On a more serious note, I think that we often forget ourselves as we grow less young. Be honest you know what I mean, the “real” you, well the “real me” got a little lost down the years. I believe that everyone deserves to be reminded how truly and utterly gorgeous they really are. Trust me the inner spark and the confidence are still there waiting to star, even if they are temporarily in the background whilst day to day life gets in the way.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU… the pictures are incredibly beautiful.

E ♥♥♥

how does it work?

To keep things really simple and straightforward the price for this ‘YOU ARE GORGEOUS” session is broken down into two parts.

PART ONE is the Session Fee – 195€. This covers the gorgeous advice PDF I will send you, the meeting to discuss and organise your session, the approx 2 hour photo session itself, the selection and editing of photos, a choice of 50-60 images in an online password protected gallery, travel to the location of your choice within 30km (74150 France). (NOTE : digital images are NOT included in the session and are purchased separately)

PART TWO is entirely up to you because you only buy what you love, it’s as simple as that. After the photo shoot you will have access to a beautiful online gallery so that you can make your choices. Remember there is no pressure because you aren’t contracted into buying an album or a frame or anything at all.

You could choose to have one single large framed photo, a beautiful portfolio box, or maybe a stunning lay flat album printed on high quality photographic paper of 20 or more memories of fabulousness to treasure forever… or if you really don’t like any of them (I really hope that doesn’t happen) you can just walk away.



Thank you very much for your wonderful photos, I must tell you that I’ve never been so appreciated by my FB friends 😃.


THANK you, OMG, amazing! I’m so happy & thrilled


Grâce à toi, de manière très humble et très professionnelle tu sais mettre à l’aise et en confiance. C’est un moment privilégié, une sorte de bulle où tout est simple drôle avec beaucoup d’éclats de rire de spontanéité et c’est ce que j’apprécie à tes côtés.

Sans compter l’immense joie de découvrir le résultat final. Où là l’émotion est à son comble car enfin je me retrouve telle que je suis et ça quel bonheur!

Tu as su me faire sentir en confiance et me laisser ETRE VIVANTE !