Just before we start – I absolutely love that song!  If you need cheering up just sing along and you will feel like you are on top of the world by the time you’ve finished belting it out.  If you haven’t already seen the very first time the fabulous Keala Settle sang it in rehearsals for the film ‘The Greatest Showman’ check out this link – amazing.

Now me – I’m not good about talking about me, I’d much rather learn about you but all the website gurus recommend writing an about page …. so here you go. The ‘business me’  – I love people. I love chatting to them, making them laugh and forget about the camera. That means I can take great shots with their beauty and personality shining through – what I’m after is capturing a gorgeous natural smile or a sparkly-eyed grin.  My style is timeless and simple, definitely not the latest trend (I have never been cool, ever). Your images will look just as beautiful in 5, 10 or 20 years as they do the very first time you see them.

My objective is very simple too – to make sure that you have gorgeous images to keep forever and that I provide you with the very best quality of customer service possible.

Photos : Amandine Foutrier, personal (my gifted daughters!) & Shoot Lifestyle Photography

The ‘me’ me  – I love people. I love chatting to them, making them laugh, making them relax and feel good. I’m English but I’ve lived in France for forever.  Promise this isn’t marketing bla-bla –  when I’m out and about I am genuinely happy with my camera, any camera. Travelling is another love, but not so much at the moment. Learning the guitar is a dream of mine but I can’t seem to make my fingers get into the weird positions for the different chords. What else ? well I like sparkly things and my favourite time of day, I know that’s weird who has a favourite time of day, is 12.34 it makes me smile, but only if I look by surprise waiting for it doesn’t count. Is that enough?

I also love blue – sky blue, bright blue, cornflower blue, that French navy blue … any shade of blue, but if you’ve looked through the site a bit especially the “Personal Project” page you probably worked that out … give me bright clear colours every time. If there is anything else you would like to know please feel free to call or send me a mail so that we can meet up to chat about your projects.

I look forward to meeting you soon,


I’ve just realised I’m wearing ‘blue’ on every single photo – time to review my wardrobe ! (PS the sun light through those leaves was gorgeous!)

PS : To be honest, like most people I am waaaaaay happier behind the camera than in front of it where I’m all self conscious and shy and downright uncomfortable. So if you are sitting there thinking “hmmmmm I’m still not sure about a photo shoot Gill, I hate having my photo taken”, believe me I feel your pain, I know that feeling !  I promise I will make it as easy and fun as possible !

One thing I only realised a few years ago is that the photos aren’t really for me at all (I don’t ever have to open the photo album, ever, ever, EVER) but they are for my family. Preparing our family photo album one year I realised that there were no photos in it of me with my family before May, then August (my birthday) and December (Crimbo!). I was the ghostly photo taker with, until then, only fleeting appearances in front of the lens.  Selfies and a deep breath and a hopefully not too forced smile when people point a camera at me has hopefully put that right.

So promise yourself whether you choose to book a photo session with me, or not, to please make sure you exist in photos.  This brilliantly funny short video by Chatbooks (a US album maker) puts it perfectly.  I reckon it is, if you are older than 20, true for all of us not just for Mums. Enjoy !