Oh Happy happy happy day !!!!!! Huge Congratulations to M & S on the most wonderfully happy wedding day ever ! The Auberge de Raisin in Cully was the perfect setting for the start of this magical day – M and her friends were getting prepared in the most beautiful room and the atmosphere was so happy and relaxed. You know when you feel like you’ve known someone for ages – well that’s how welcome M & S and their friends made me feel and it made the whole day incredibly special. Their ceremony which was held outdoors in the gardens of the Chateau de Glérolles began with the beautiful bride braving the waves (and threatening thunder clouds) and arriving by fishing boat to the surprise of their guests. Heartfelt speeches, wonderful singing, emotions, happiness it was all there and it was just perfect.


They are so happy and natural together that they are a dream to photograph and I hope that shows from the couple shoot images up in the vines. Once the wedding cocktail was well under way there was the traditional throwing of the wedding bouquet followed by the equally contested but slightly less traditional, but hey it might catch on, throwing of the ‘buttonhole’! After an amazing day I left them watching a video of the moment S proposed … seriously romantic ! Huge Congratulations to this really wonderful couple.

To see more wedding photos from this very happy Chateau de Glérolles wedding click through the gallery below.


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Hotel : L’Auberge du Raisin
Hair : Gaëlle Coiffure – rue des Tilleuls 5, 1800 Vevey – Tel (+41) 21 922 65 66
Make up : M’s wonderful friend !!!
Dress : Lilly
Flowers : Deco Fleurs – Route de Palézieux, 1618 Chatel St Denis – Tel : (+41) 21 948 01 10
Venue : Chateau de Glérolles

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  • Dear Gill,

    Thank you so much for these amazing pictures. This incredible day went so fast but thanks to your great pictures we have a bit of a feeling to live it again. You did an incredible job and your kindness and professionalism have been highly appreciated by all of us. We are so happy to have discovered you one year ago and that we had the chance to have you as our photographer for this special day that will always remain in our hearts. Awesome pics of our magical day…You are the best, definitely.!