I am incredibly lucky as I have worked with some absolutely amazing people over the years. From fun family lifestyle shoots high up in the pastures of the Swiss mountains, engagement sessions in a car-breakers yard (yes I promise it’s true), to adorable new babies in gorgeous families. Then there are beautiful women treating themselves to a magazine style portrait shoot, brilliant entrepreneurs needing headshots for their online business presence, and of course dreamy wedding days in French chateaux.  So so many amazing memories …

It has been a treat to work with them all and I am very grateful for these wonderful reviews. The most amazing compliment is that they often come back to me time and time again.  I hope that you will find their comments useful and reassuring …

Un grand merci à toi….
En plus d’être une extraordinaire photographe car comme je l’ai toujours dit tu arrives à ressortir le meilleur de chacun de nous tant physiquement qu’ émotionnellement. Tes photos sont vivantes et nous racontent des histoires notre histoire et c’est juste génial.
Pour les personnes qui doutent d’elles mêmes je pense qu’une séance photo avec toi peut être une très bonne thérapie pour leur redonner confiance et avec toi tout paraît simple et ça c’est chouette.
Tu es ce qu’est David Copperfield à la magie une exceptionnelle photographe mais aussi, à ta façon, magicienne ou peut être notre bonne fée !

A très bientôt


Thank you so much for working with us with so much joy, laughter and good spirits, and adapting to the new situations with all your professionalism.  We really enjoyed having you around us on “our” day as much as we really like the outcome in terms of the photos. They are great !


They are beyond beautiful! Thank you so much, Gill! We absolutely love them. They really capture that spot in Talloires that means so much to us, and everyone we showed them to enjoyed reminiscing over the wedding – you really captured the joy of the day!


Coucou Gill,

Voilà, c est tout tranquillou en amoureux, que ce dimanche nous avons découvert notre album: MAGNIFIQUE!!! On est super contents, il est top classe et les photos immenses, ce qui nous permet de voire tout le monde sur les photos de groupe et tous les jolis, émouvants et parfois drôles détails de cette journée inoubliable…

On te souhaite beaucoup de succès pour la suite, et beaucoup de Bonheur aussi😊

On t embrasse fort!!!!


I have no words right now, other than, I love you very much and you are a GENIUS. We have looked through the photos (through slightly wet eyes!!) and we love them ALL. How we are ever going to choose is beyond me. I absolutely cannot wait to show Mum and Dad. I wish they were here now so we could show them. They are going to LOVE them I just know it. When they’re all back we will get together and go through the impossible task of choosing our favourites but for now, just know that you are just wonderful and you have captured our little family perfectly. Thank you will never be enough. HUGE Hugs. I’m off to look through them again………..and again and again and again etc etc!!

K&M xXxXx.

Hi Gill,

thanks a lot for the beautiful Engagement shots you just sent us – it really made a great start in the weekend when we looked at them this morning J You are right, some where I close the eye are also stunning – I was reacting to those on the spot as they are less spontaneous and more posed, which at 1st sight is less what we have in mind but they came out very nice – thanks for the push ! You are truly a great photographer and we can’t wait to have you w/ us for the big day! The black and white ones are also really pretty 🙂


WHAOUuuu!!!!! Thank u 😊😊😊
We really like the photos! That’s wonderful and we enjoyed our moment with you!


Dear Gill,

Thank you so much for the photos!!!!!!! They are absolutely gorgeous and we love how you knew to capture exactly the right moments! We’re going to visit my parents this week-end for Easter and I can’t wait to show them the gallery!

Thank you again a thousand times, we wish you an amazing Easter weekend (let’s hope the weather stays the same!) and look forward to seeing you again on July 1st (yay!!).

All the best,