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Well hello and welcome to my ‘me’ page. If you are curious about the sort of things that catch my eye when I’m wandering about in day-to-day life you’re in the right place.

I have always enjoyed photography, as far back as I can remember anyway.  My Saturday job as a teenager was in a ‘quick print’ photo shop – remember those back in the film photography days ? (showing my age !) It was a very enlightening couple of years and I loved it. I learnt a lot about “seeing & framing” an image from looking at gazillions of photos.

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Move on a few years and I am still taking loads of photos ‘for me’. Whether it’s with my big fancy pro cameras or my phone camera. I just can’t help seeing things to photograph.  My family will tell you I’m a nightmare to go on holiday with because I’m forever stopping to photograph a beautiful old distressed door. The other thing I love is standing in the waves desperately hoping to get THE breaking wave shot. I spend most of my time trying to keep the camera way out of the seawater (note to self ask Father Christmas for underwater housing !)

This page is pure indulgence to show what else I do and love … hope you like it.