I met up with this gorgeous couple a couple of weeks ago at the venue for their wedding in Satigny, near Geneva.  We spent a happy hour going through how they had planned out their wedding day and talking about the photos. Then we snuck in a mini engagement shoot before they zipped off to the airport to fly home to the UK.  I cannot wait for their wedding in September it is going to be amazing – thank you both for making time to see me on your trip over to Geneva.


engagement shoot satigny geneva engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0002 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0003 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0004 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0005 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0006 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0007 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0008 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0009 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0010 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0011 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0012 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0013 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0014 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0015 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0016 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0017 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0018 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0019 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0020 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0021 engagement-shoot-satigny-geneve-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0022

wedding part 1wedding part 2

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  • Thank you so much Gill for taking these photos! Will and I usually feel quite awkward in front of the camera, but you really put us at ease and we are both so excited for our final wedding pictures!

    • no thank YOU – it was really great to spend some time with you, thank you so much for managing to fit a meeting into your busy schedule whilst you were overn I l know time is precious. I’m really really looking forward to your wedding – it’s going to be fab !