I think this was possibly the most perfect autumn wedding ever!  However stunning the setting of the Abbaye de Talloires I think you have to be very brave to organise a late autumn wedding, especially if you are planning the wedding cocktail in the grounds … but wow does fortune favour the brave. When I arrived to start the preparation photos with the wonderful L there was light grey cloud but as she was getting into her STUNNING (yes stunning, just look at the detailing !!! ) Danilo Fedrighi wedding dress the sky was azure blue.  A very romantic first look on the steps of the Abbaye followed by a series of couple shots in the rich autumn colours of the Abbaye gardens and it was time to head off to the church in Pringy and the official part of the day, the ceremony led by a close family friend. After the ceremony at the church in Pringy the wedding party headed back to the Abbaye for a cocktail in the gardens – how perfect is that ? a wedding cocktail outside at this time of year. Laughter fun and smiles all through the afternoon and on into the evening celebrations – add to that yet more colour in one of the most beautiful sunsets of the year. Dear L&O, I hope you love these photos from your magical wedding day, thank you for everything you have been a delight to work with and photograph over these last few months!


I’m often asked my opinion about “First Looks” – every single couple is different.  Some want to keep that first look for the moment the church doors open and the Bride smiles her away down the aisle, some want a precious quiet moment just the two of them before the hustle and bustle of the day starts and they are carried away in the excitement and rushing round being congratulated by guests.  As I said before I think it is a very personal decision BUT I will say that if you do decide to arrange a First Look it will in no way take away from that magic moment as you see each other for the first time at the start of your wedding ceremony, … in fact you get two magical memories !


abbaye talloires colourful autumn wedding majenia                           


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Wedding information :

Wedding Planner : the wonderful Nathalie from MAJENIA
Wedding Preparations : Abbaye de Talloires, Annecy
Wedding Flowers : Arôme
Wedding Dress : Danilo Fedrighi
Wedding Shoes : Dessine-moi-un-Soulier Paris
Wedding jewellry : Elsa Lee, Paris
Church : Eglise de Poisy
Wedding cocktail & evening venue : Abbaye de Talloires, Annecy
Wedding DJ : Willy Animation
Wedding cocktail singers : Myla Duo