Ok, I admit it – I have lived near Annecy for over 15 years now and I have never ever been to the mountains in the summer, yes I have been in the freezing cold of January with the glorious blue skies and crisp fresh snow and the temperatures threatening -20C but never ever in the lush summer months. That has now changed (although not the mountains near Annecy) and I have see the error of my ways. One of my favourite families used to live in Geneva but have since moved to the Swiss capital – they contacted me for a family lifestyle session that reflects where they live now and more specifically in the idyllically beautiful little village of Gimmelwald in the Bernese Alps.


The first time I met this wonderful family and photographed them at Chateau de Penthes in Geneva their youngest was only months old, now both girls are full of fun and mischief and the afternoon we spent together was absolutely full of laughter and giggles and fun, and a huge grasshopper !

If you have ideas about when and where you would like to be photographed give me a call or send me a mail here and we can chat over your plans and fix a date.

To see more photos from this gorgeous family lifestyle session click through the gallery below.

(If you are interested Gimmelwald is the first stop on the cable car up to Schilthorn , the masses head on up the mountain and miss out on this absolute treat of a village with a lovely restaurant (book ahead of time), excellent beer, honesty shops and THE most stunning backdrops!)

I look forward to hearing from you really soon.