M and N are brilliant and had obviously given a lot of thought to their engagement shoot.   They came armed with balloons and a bike, bubbles and picnic rug  and even more importantly huge smiles and an amazing sense of fun !  M sat bravely (some might say madly !) on the handlebars of N’s bike and laughed and laughed as they wobbled down the track towards me.


Even the light drizzle didn’t dampen their spirits and i spent a fantastic and very happy afternoon in their company whilst they relaxed infront of the camera and enjoyed their time together.   I cannot wait for their wedding in September, if the engagement shoot was anything to go by it will be amazing !!!!

To see more fun photos from this fabulous Balloons and Bikes engagement shoot click through the gallery below.


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  • Encore merci pour ce fantastique après-midi! nous adorons le résultat 🙂 et tous nos proches aussi!! nous nous réjouissons de notre prochaine rencontre le jour J !!!