Oh it was so very very very freezing cold the day we met up in Annecy not long before Christma for their engagemenet shoot by the lake.  This wonderful pair were over from sunny California to spend Christmas with their family- what a difference temperature wise!!  To be honest it didn’t matter at all, they just laughed and joked their way through the shivers, wrapped up warmer and warmer in scarves and gloves and had fun until we made it back to the safety of the nice warm café for a ‘pure chocolate’ hot chocolate and some yummy macaroons.


I hope you can see from this fab engagement session that it really really doesn’t matter what the weather is doing either for your engagement shoot or for your wedding photos – we can’t any of us control the weather but to be honest when there are smiles and happiness like this around does it matter ?  would their smiles be any brighter on a clear blue day ?  yes, ok,  the view down the lake would have been nice, a bonus, but it is their obvious fun at being together which is so much more important on the photos. My advice is don’t worry about the weather – buy colourful wellies and a fancy bright umbrella if that reassures you a little bit, but way more importantly just be you and have fun!.

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