I love my job – how brilliant is it to be able to spend time with all these beautifully happy couples ! I met up with the wonderful A and M near the Town Hall in Annecy to do their engagement shoot. They have been incredibly busy (and still are I think) making fabulously colourful origami hearts and windmills to decorate the Château de Saint Sixt for their wedding celebrations. They brought some along to incorporate into the shoot and right at the start the wind was blowing so hard that the windmills almost flew off into the lake.


It was an early evening shoot and these two needed no encouragement at all in front of the camera – they are so happy together, so natural and a real joy to spend time with … and there was that fabulous golden light of the early evening turns everything slightly magical. Thank you both – I am really looking forward to your wedding.

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  • Aude & Matthieu
    July 14, 2013 4:58 pm

    We had a great time during this engagement shoot. Gill, thank you so much for your advice, your patience and your kindness.
    No doubt our wedding pictures will look fabulous !