Why choose a family album after your family lifestyle session? Well I think this album just sums it up perfectly – what coul dbe more precious than conserving the memories of a perfect summer afternoon when Little One, who is very nearly one, is just about taking his first steps ? so nearly there Mum & Dad told me that it was just a few days later.

What about holding on to the laughter and joy on his little face as you play one-two-three, or feed the ducks or bounce stones on the lake ? The cuddles and that adorable moment when he waves hello at complete stranger, who laughs and waves straight back.

These beautiful albums are printed on thick pages of gorgeous high quality lay flat photographic paper and made to last and keep those memories safe way after he’s off to school or too big for 1-2-3 !.


This couple are amazing and not only asked me to take photographs to mark their engagement but also their gloriously happy wedding day a couple of years ago. They then invited me to come and share a fabulous summer afternoon with their gorgeous little one on the shores of Lake Geneva.  Thank you both for allowing me to share another incredibly happy moment with you – your Little One is an absolute joy !


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