Another gorgeous Digital Art wedding album for this happy couple to immortalise their wonderfully happy autumn wedding day near Geneva.

So how does it work ? Once the couple have access to their wedding gallery (protected by password) they use the little heart system to select their favourite images for their wedding album.  All those wedding photos are then re-edited to polish them up and the design process starts – I create a first draft of the wedding album.  Then using a rather clever piece of on-line software the couple can go through the album making any changes they might like … you know ‘could this one be in black and white?’ or ‘can we swap theese two images round please ?’, I make the changes and send the new version to them.  Once everything is finalised the album goes whizzing off through the wonders of internet land to print.

As you can see it is also possible to treat your parents to smaller versions of your wedding album so they get to treasure the memories too !

digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0069 digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0031 digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0032 digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0033   digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0036 digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0037  digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0038a digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0039 digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0040 digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0041 digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0042 digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0043