This beautiful woman is one of the sweetest, funniest, kindest, hard-working’est’ women I know, oh and add to that she is a Mum of three gorgeous kids, so I was absolutely thrilled when she agreed to let me take her portrait. She works silly hours, and I mean really really silly hours starting often before most of us are awake and doing paperwork way into the late evening hours and she admitted that it has been a long time since she allowed herself some time to just ‘be’. So it was time to be – be beautiful, be confident, be wonderful, be her !


A little bit of hair styling, a little bit of make up, good light and a brilliant playlist (her choices of course !) – then 5 minutes or so to get used to being the star of the show and whooooooosh we were off.  We laughed, we giggled, we had fun, she posed, she spun, she sparkled and she forgot about everything apart from having fun and ‘playing the princess’ in a sparkly dress – awesome !!! She is the sort of person that is beautiful inside and out and I hope with these photos she can see just how we all see her !

On a more serious note I think that we often forget ourselves as we grow ‘less young and I think that every one deserves to be reminded how truly and utterly gorgeous they really are – the inner spark and the confidence that are still there just waiting to be seen, even if they are temporarily in the background ‘whilst life gets in the way.

Contact me and let me show you that your sparkle is still there  – I cannot wait to work with you. If you need convincing read this fabulous lady’s email to me once she had seen her images for the first time … its at the end of the post.



“Un grand merci à toi….
En plus d’être une extraordinaire photographe car comme je l’ai toujours dit tu arrives à ressortir le meilleur de chacun de nous tant physiquement qu’ émotionnellement. Tes photos sont vivantes et nous racontent des histoires notre histoire et c’est juste génial.
Pour les personnes qui doutent d’elles mêmes je pense qu’une séance photo avec toi peut être une très bonne thérapie pour leur redonner confiance et avec toi tout paraît simple et ça c’est chouette.
Tu es ce qu’est David Copperfield à la magie une exceptionnelle photographe mais aussi, à ta façon, magicienne ou peut être notre bonne fée !

A très bientôt 💋”


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I look forward to hearing from you really soon.