This beautifully relaxed civil wedding at the Mairie de Satigny was just the start of several days of celebrations for this wonderful couple based out in California.  I met them at the Mairie in Satigny where Mme Kyridas delivered a brilliant and very happy ceremony, lots of laughter and smiles.


Once everything was official the Happy Couple and their guests all boarded the coach for the short trip up to the Clos du Chateau to enjoy the wedding cocktail.  I stole L&T away from their guests for 10 minutes and we wandered down to the golden buttercup fields to take their couple photos with the stunning backdrop of vineyards and the Cret de la Neige and the Jura hills.

civil wedding satigny may 2017




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The Civil Wedding info :

Wedding Venue : Mairie de Satigny

Wedding Celebrations : Chateau du Clos, Satigny


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