This beautiful Digital Art wedding album was designed for a fabulous couple whose summer wedding near Geneva was utterly gorgeous.  They were married in a beautiful church and then partied into the night in the family gardens. What an amazing day !  M&S chose the images from the large selection taken on the day to be immortalised in their wedding album and I think these few photos show you just how happy their Big Day was !

After the design process has been completed, the photos are printed on to high quality satin finish photographic paper in a lay flat Digital Art album – this means that not only can you have full double page spread couple photos but on those favourite group photos of all your family and friends you two are not lost in the centre binding of the page – perfect !


digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0071 digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0072 digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0073 digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0074 digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0075 digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0076 digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0077 digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0078 digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0079 digital-art-wedding-album-geneva-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0080

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