[Y]esterday was a perfect day !  It was a real treat to meet up with one of this summer’s gorgeous couples, E & R, to deliver their beautiful Digital Art wedding album.  I really love meeting up with couples to hand over their albums in person, it’s so much more special than simply wrapping everything up and popping the parcel in the post.
We arranged to meet at  a gorgeous little cafe in Annecy,  we had a lovely coffee and a chat and of course I gave them their precious wedding album … I’m always torn as to whether to see a couple open their album or not, but on balance I think it is an incredibly special moment and really should be just the two of them and a bottle of bubbly !

wedding-mariage-digital-art-album-abbaye-talloires-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0153 wedding-mariage-digital-art-album-abbaye-talloires-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0154 wedding-mariage-digital-art-album-abbaye-talloires-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0155 wedding-mariage-digital-art-album-abbaye-talloires-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0156 wedding-mariage-digital-art-album-abbaye-talloires-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0157 wedding-mariage-digital-art-album-abbaye-talloires-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0173
When I left them and they said they would open it when they got home in the evening (yeah right 😉 ) – I was thrilled later that day to get this photo and a mail from them.

“We love it !!! It’s absolutely beautiful Thank you !!! Opened it at the Abbaye with a glass of wine ! Thanks again! E & R”

They had decided to go straight back around Lake Annecy to the Abbaye de Talloires and open their album in exactly and totally the right place – the place they celebrated their wedding this May, by the lake at the Abbaye in the sunshine !

E & R first contacted me back at the beginning of October last year and told me all about their plans for an amazing May wedding at the Abbaye de Talloires near Annecy. It was a wonderful year in their company – from the engagement shoot and the excitement of listening to their plans for their Big Day….
wedding-mariage-digital-art-album-abbaye-talloires-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0169 wedding-mariage-digital-art-album-abbaye-talloires-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0170 wedding-mariage-digital-art-album-abbaye-talloires-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0171 wedding-mariage-digital-art-album-abbaye-talloires-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0172
… then to their wedding day itself – F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S, and of course sharing all the gorgeous photos with them afterwards and designing the album – their very first family heirloom.
wedding-mariage-digital-art-album-abbaye-talloires-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0162 wedding-mariage-digital-art-album-abbaye-talloires-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0163 wedding-mariage-digital-art-album-abbaye-talloires-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0164 wedding-mariage-digital-art-album-abbaye-talloires-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0165 wedding-mariage-digital-art-album-abbaye-talloires-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0166 wedding-mariage-digital-art-album-abbaye-talloires-gill-maheu-photography-2015__0167


E & R it was real pleasure to work with you and thank you so much for asking me to photograph your magical wedding day. I would also like to say a huge thank you for my gorgeous flowers !!!


engagement shoot   –   wedding day part 1   –   wedding part 2


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