I have always loved Cornwall!  As a kid I used to go there with my family on holiday and I have very happy memories of learning to surf (bodyboard) down there in the freezing waves on bright sunny summer days, of sandy birthday picnics on Constantine Beach surrounded by those stripey windbreaker things holding a tarpaulin over our heads to keep off the rain shower, but I think what I love most is the sea and the waves.


At the beginning of February I went to Cornwall to work with the amazing Melissa Love – she took my scatterbrained ideas and designed (magicked )this wonderful web site and blog, a new look for the start of the new year .  I spent a day and a half with Melissa and then treated myself to a day and a half of visiting old haunts in Cornwall and sitting on deserted sandy beaches reading in the sunshine.   Armed only with my phone I had fun taking photos of whatever took my fancy … beaches, blues, sand, stonewalls (who knew they could be so complicated), house names, anything really – here is a selection.
cornwall-portrait-photographe-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0016 cornwall-portrait-photographe-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0017 cornwall-portrait-photographe-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0018 cornwall-portrait-photographe-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0019 cornwall-portrait-photographe-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0020 cornwall-portrait-photographe-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0022 cornwall-portrait-photographe-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0021 cornwall-portrait-photographe-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0023 cornwall-portrait-photographe-gill-maheu-photography-2015_0024



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