S & D’s wedding was a real treat to photograph, and a real joy to be a part of, I loved every second.  All week the weather forecasters were talking about heavy rain and possible storms, I even drove through heavy rain on the way to the wedding, but the great weather god in the sky must love them to bits (and D’s “Dance-around-a-knife-in-the-garden-chanting” dance no doubt helped too – ask him !) because the once I arrived at the hotel the skies turned a beautiful blue with some puffy white clouds too. S, her Mum and bridesmaids were getting ready at the Hotel Le Baron Tavernier in a gorgeous room with a huge terrasse overlooking Lake Geneva – wow !  Steph is stunning and especially so with her incredible Augusta Jones lace wedding dress, and an oh-so-simple but oh-so-beautiful pale pink rose and rosemary bouquet.  As she got ready there was so much laughter and love around  it was fabulous.


A very calm D was waiting for her at the church in Lutry with his best men and at 2.45 the wedding ceremony started – what can I say it was moving, happy, gorgeous, fun and I think their families could give lessons in how to process out of the church, talk about joyful !!!  (go on whizz down and look at the pictures).  The wonderful brightly coloured umbrellas, sorry parasols, made a perfect backdrop for the bubbles as The Very Very Happy Couple left the church and headed down to the lake side followed by all their family and guests to enjoy their wedding cocktail on a boat cruise on Lake Geneva – a complete surprise for their guests.  After landing S, D & I snuck away to do their couple shots in the vineyards above the lake – well with a backdrop like that …. it had to be done, before returning to the evening celebrations at the Chateau de Glérolles.
An evening of total brilliant’ness (yes I’ve just made that up) awaited everyone – a fab photobooth, some very very very VERY funny speeches, a truly memorable video …. and then I left the Happy COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUPLE (you had to be there ) and their guests partying well into the night. S & D, thank you so much for asking me to be part of this wonderful day.

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Wedding Dress :  Augusta Jones
Getting ready venue :  Hotel Le Baron Tavernier
Church : Temple de Lutry
Vicar : Carolyn Cooke
Boat company : CGN
Evening venue :  Chateau de Glérolles

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