wow – now this was a pre wedding shoot with a difference !  S and M contacted me about photographing their wedding towards the end of last year and they had very definite ideas about their pre wedding shoot – they wanted it to be different, and different it definitely was … and great great fun … and colourful and just brilliant !!   I left the idea side of things with them and we agreed to meet at the Musée d’Histoire Naturelle in the centre of Geneva …  but before we even got as far as the inside of the museum we were sidetracked by the wall painting in the best car park ever !   There is art all over the walls  – gorgeous bright colours just perfect to set off this fab couple … and THOSE boots (wow – gorgeous gorgeous – i want some !!!)


Once we were inside the museum (and had checked that we were allowed to take photos) we had great fun setting up the shots against the bright colours of the exhibits.  It turns out that they had both been frequent visitors to the museum when they were little so there were all sorts of memories (but we couldn’t find the crocodile !). And for part two of the shoot ..?  we went to a car wrecking yard …. told you it was different.  The cars, the colours, the textures and S & M ….. just brilliant!  and to top it off S found an angel amongst all the broken cars – a perfect good luck sign !
engagement shoot geneva gill maheu photography
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