I love love love my new business cards !  It’s been a while since I ordered some new cards but I have them now and they are gorgeous – it’s like carrying around a mini portfolio in my pocket, evrey card has a different image on the front of the beautiful thick velvet matt card.  The new cards have a raised shiny relief version of my logo which is completely transparent but catches the light at an angle.


The photos below show the shiny logo, and also just how transparent it is – totally and utterly brilliant ! The cards were printed by Moo, the fantastically innovative card company, and I thoroughly recommend using them – add to that an incredibly helpful customer service department. (Infact if you are new to Moo and use the link you get 10% discount on your first order).

I can’t wait to order some more and at the rate they are disappearing that will be very soon !


gorgeous business cards gill maheu  business-cards-gill-maheu-photography-2016__0002 business-cards-gill-maheu-photography-2016__0003 business-cards-gill-maheu-photography-2016__0004 business-cards-gill-maheu-photography-2016__0005 business-cards-gill-maheu-photography-2016__0006 business-cards-gill-maheu-photography-2016__0009

Supplier : Moo

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