Its very nearly Valentine’s Day so I think it is the perfect time to show you some of my favourite photos from the engagement shoots of last year. The Engagement shoot is a really fun way to feel relaxed in front of the camera. It’s just you two & me and the camera, no crowds of guests all wanting to congratulate you. I’ll give you tips and hints that will help you, and you will get to know me better and the way I work which means that on your Big Day you will be get back to your partying more quickly ! For more couple photos click here.



If you are after ideas for engagement shoots or couple shoots have a look here. Anywhere and anything is possible (you just need to check if you need authorisations), one fabulous couple even organised their engagement shoot in a car scrap yard near Geneva and it was amazing !

If you would like to organise a couple shoot click here and send me a quick mail, it would be great to hear from you.

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