Today I would like to talk about one of the fabulous wedding suppliers that I am lucky enough to work with on a regular basis.  Anne Verborg is a florist and is the creative genius behind Arôme , she really is a magician with flowers.  The photos from this post were taken at a wedding we worked on recently at the Abbaye de Talloires near Annecy.  The beautiful bride dreamed of a mix of peonies and roses for her bouquet and other floral arrangements and because it was a late May wedding that was exactly what the wonderful Anne used.


As you go through the images of Arome’s flowers below you will see the stunning sumptuous bridal bouquet, the buttonholes for the groom and his groomsmen, the beautiful rose bracelets for the bridesmaids. Then there are the church decorations both by the altar and on the pew ends, followed by the fabulous, and I mean totally fabulous, centre pieces and table arrangements for the wedding meal.  Stunning arrangements in tall narrow necked vases that set off the other details perfectly.   The last shot is from around midnight just before I left and shows that those beautiful delicate flower arrangements are still going strong and looking perfect at the end of a warm wedding day.

Arome creatrice florale gill maheu photography


Arome was created by the fabulous Anne in London in 2006, where she worked with some very prestigious names, Vivienne Westwood, Moët Hennessy, and Patrick Cox and her floral art was featured in several top publications Glamour, Louis Vitton City Guide, Cosmopolitan as well as top wedding magazines such as Wedding Flowers and Cosmo Bride.

Then luckily for us she moved her business and set up near Geneva in 2012. To find out more about her go and have a look on her gorgeous site and get lost in her floral creations.

If you are looking for your wedding florist do contact Anne and have a chat with her about your wedding flower dreams, you won’t be disappointed !

Tel :


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