recently the very talented Vanessa Renoux creator of Bijoux Volutes , gorgeous wedding jewellry, asked me to do some portrait shots for her new website (coming very soon – a very exciting project !!!)    So i thought it was the perfect excuse to show you both her and her beautiful creations.

















if you are a bride-to-be DO go and have a look at her different ranges of necklaces, bracelets, etc on her site    ……..   

….. and if you aren’t a bride to be and just love gorgeous jewellry DO go and have a look at her site too because she does FABULOUS  ‘everyday’ jewellry too  (this is my favourite page!)



 all her jewellry can be adapted to fit your colour theme – how perfect is that !!!     you can get in touch with her at  …


Bijoux Volutes
9 rue Etroite, 74540 ALBY-sur-Chéran
04 50 66 33 93 (heures bureau / office hours)





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